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"The Voice of Today and Beyond!"

When special events come to town, it’s always promoted by plenty of excitement.  There is likely a voice whether it is radio or television that gives the impression that this will be the event not to be missed.  Everything from concerts, car shows, sporting events such as monster trucks, racing, football, baseball or even golf.  Why do we hear these types of advertising?  Research shows that it stimulates excitement in our minds and is very effective.  Human response reflects the need to be provoked, to be a part of something exciting.  Even in the time of the gladiators, coliseums were built for the entertainment of watching two men fighting to the death or a man being eaten by lions.  You would think that after a few times that it would loose its excitement, but history has proven that it became a real source of entertainment.  Likely there was a town crier telling all the townsfolk of the event that would be happening soon.  We at J.P.C.S. surely do not condone throwing anyone to the lions, but what we can do is provide exciting production that stimulates the mind and entices the public to respond and want to be a part of the excitement.  Let J.P.C.S. go to work for you.  Don't let local market production talent keep you from standing out and Being Heard!

Flexability Working For You Every Day

Updates, Revisions, and Copy Changes with a Quick Turnaround. 24 Hour Service in Most Cases.

All Digital Studio

Chrystal Clear Sound!! Delivered directly to the radio and or Television station.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the best service possible. And to make their experience with us honest and for us to be greatful for the oppertunity to serve them.

Who needs a Great Voice?

  • Business

    Sound like you are everywhere your customers are.

  • Entertainment

    Get the BIG voice and not the BIG bill. Sporting events, concerts, car shows and more!! J.P.C.S. will back you up all the way!!

  • Non-profit

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